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Targeted Case Manager

The Targeted Case Management program is a community-based, mental health program that will provide services to eligible children, adolescents and young adults. The position provides professional coordination of mental health services according to the consumer’s and/or family’s level of needs. The TCM will provide professional assessment, service planning, coordination of services, referral, and re-evaluation of services required for a safe and healthy community life.

The TCM serves as a key member of the treatment/service team, assuring often complex services produce positive outcomes. The position is the central contact point in the system, coordinating care and assisting the consumer in their recovery process.

Adult Case Manager

The Community Integration Services Case Manager is a trained, supervised professional who works as a member of a team of professionals and provides mental health/co-occurring services. Services involve direct contact with recipients of services, assistance in symptom management and advocacy and assistance with access to resources. The Community Integration Services Case Manager works independently with a high level of autonomy while coordinating services with other members of the behavioral health team. This position requires work in clients' homes, school, and with the community.

School Social Worker

The School Social Worker is a licensed, or conditionally licensed, trained, and supervised professional, who works as a member of a team of professionals, and provides mental health services in school-based settings. Services involve direct contact with recipients of services, assistance in emotion regulation, and social skill building to improve educational experiences, and increase quality of life. The School Social Worker performs responsibilities independently with a high level of autonomy, while coordinating with other members of the Mental Health Team. While this position requires work primarily in school-based settings, the School Social Worker provides support in client’s homes, and in the community.

Behavioral Health Professional

Provides direct care as outlined in the Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) and per Maine Care Benefits Manual, Chapter II, Section 28 Rehabilitative and Community Support. Direct care services are provided in the home and/or community in either individual or group settings. These services are designed to retain or improve functional abilities which have been negatively impacted by the effects of cognitive or functional impairment and are focused on behavior modification and management, social development, and acquisition and retention of developmentally appropriate skills.

Services include problem solving activities in order to help the client develop and maintain skills and abilities necessary to manage his or her behavioral health treatment needs, learning the social skills and behaviors necessary to live with and interact with other community members and independently, and to build or maintain satisfactory relationships with peers or adults, learning the skills that will improve a member’s self- awareness, environmental awareness, social appropriateness and support social integration, and learning awareness of and appropriate use of community services and resources. The delivery of services include work with families during periods of crisis by consulting with supervisor, program manager and clinician when needed, referring to crisis intervention services and or 911 when necessary, and completing agency incident reports as indicated. Maintains confidentiality in accordance with agency policy and regulatory requirements. Assists in the development and review of plans and strategies to improve future functioning of the client and family unit and in teaching the family member to therapeutically respond to client’s identified treatment needs. Maintains and submits documents as required by agency policy and regulatory requirements. This includes all progress notes on a weekly basis by the designated time as set forth at orientation. Performs additional duties as assigned.