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Behavioral Health Home Program

A Behavioral Health Home (BHH) is not a place. It’s actually more like a system or a hub where an individual can get all of their behavioral health needs met. In truth, it’s not that different than the old MCBM Section 17 regulations, however, behavioral health homes have a few specific set of requirements that are geared towards 1) increasing the quality of care; 2) increasing access to care; and 3) reducing the cost of care. These three goals are known as The Triple Aim, and were set forth as part of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA-also commonly known as ObamaCare). So, clients still work with a provider to establish goals and measurable steps towards achieving those goals, however, now the services (e.g., case management, medication management, counseling, etc.) are required to be coordinated. This ensures streamlined treatment and discharge planning across services, prevents clients from developing an overwhelming amount of goals; encourages treatment components to augment each other while also reducing the duplication of services.

Triple Aim

At MBHO, it is always our goal and our practice to achieve this level of service, so from the patient’s perspective, nothing has changed. From the organization’s standpoint, however, certain criteria have to be met in order to qualify as a BHH. First, BHH’s have to establish formal relationships with hospitals and primary care physicians to ensure continuity of medical and mental health care. In addition, BHHs must have an electronic medical records system that can interface with HealthInfoNet to share a consenting client’s records among his or her health care. These features help providers establish an appropriate baseline profile for each patient and keeps them abreast of real-time medical or mental health changes that can affect the client’s treatment plan.

MBHO is pleased to be a qualified BHH and we are currently enrolling clients in this program. Clients must meet certain eligibility requirements: namely they must have two or more qualifying conditions. These conditions include a mental health condition, a substance abuse disorder, tobacco use, and medical conditions (such as diabetes, heart disease, body mass index greater than 25, hypertension, asthma, etc.). MBHO is using the same staff in our BHH program, so our clients who choose to enter into the BHH program can have all the same providers that they know and love! We are currently enrolling adults into our BHH program and we are planning to start our children’s BHH program, soon. If you want to know more about BHHs, MBHO’s BHH program or are interested in enrolling, please contact us at either of the phone numbers to the right. If we are unable to take your call, please leave a detailed message.

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