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Partnering with HealthInfoNet to Improve Patient Care

Maine Behavioral Health Organization is always looking for new ways to improve patient care quality. That’s why, we’re working to connect with Maine’s statewide health information exchange.

HealthInfoNet is the independent, Maine-based nonprofit organization operating the health information exchange. The health information exchange is a secure computer system that will help us share important patient health information like drug allergies, prescriptions, diagnoses, and lab and test results with other health care providers across the State.

HealthInfoNet's secure system links information from separate health care sites to create a single electronic patient health record. Having access to this system will give our clinical staff more of the information they need to make the best decisions possible when treating our patients, especially in emergency situations when waiting for a fax or email is often out of the question.

Don’t we already share a patient’s information with providers caring for them? Yes we do. However, often when that provider is outside of our organization sharing is done manually through fax, email or mail. HealthInfoNet automates that process for us and provides instant access to our patients’ medical information from their other providers when we need it to care for them.

While we believe the use of systems like HealthInfoNet will improve patient care, patients can choose to opt-out and have their medical information removed from HealthInfoNet. To educate our patients about this option along with general information about our use of HealthInfoNet, we will be updating our Notice of Privacy Practices and conducting a patient awareness campaign.

To assist our employees in speaking about HealthInfoNet with patients, friends, family and the community at large, we will be putting together a list of talking points that can be accessed here. Please check back regularly. For employees and clinicians with direct contact with patients, we will provide additional training and resources to help educate patients about HealthInfoNet. There will be more information on those opportunities to come.

If you have any questions about this exciting partnership, email us at mainebehavioralhealth@mainebehavioralhealth.org If you have any questions about this exciting partnership, Click Here To Email or visit www.hinfonet.org.