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By observing and analyzing functional relationships we can build our environment to support our needs.  As we catalyze change, based off of what we know works, we can grow by building personal relationships that are meaningful, stronger, and lifelong.  Our vision is to increase control over our environment and build a community that is supportive.


Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practices are prevention or treatment practices that are based on consistent scientific evidence demonstrating how treatment improves client service outcomes.  Elements of the practice are standardized, replicable, and reliable.  Practice is documented through research that also includes the history of an individual as a source of data collection.  As a result of evidenced based practice, treatment is likely to be provided correctly the first time, which will increase client successes, sooner.




Build on What Works (strengths and evidence)

Empower Individual Treatment (unconditional positive regard)

Commitment to Trauma-Informed Care

Build Therapeutic Relationships and Foster Growth

Function by Collaboration and Expert Opinion

Promote Client Rights

Social Brokerage

Advocate for Social Change


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